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Bollards made from recycled plastic have been around for a number of years now and have proven historically popular with some of Britain’s largest retailers like Tesco, Sainsbury, ASDA and B&Q, as well as many local councils and other organisations.

Clearly, the positive impact of diverting thousands of tons of plastic waste from landfill is on of the drivers of this popularity, and all large companies and public sector entities have published environmental policies. However, the primary motivations are their low cost, ease of installation, negligible maintenance, attractive design and the fact that these type of bollardsĀ are less likely to cause damage to vehicles if accidentally hit.

Using mixed plastic results in British Recycled Plastic bollards being stronger with better impact absorbency when compared to other materials. This means they do not need additional steel inserts to deliver the required performance.

All bollards are light enough to be handled by one person, keeping installation costs down and, because they are chemically inert, it is very difficult for paint to adhere to them, making them highly vandal and graffiti resistant. This removes the need for maintenance, reducing whole-life costs considerably.